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The Cohort of Champions (Funded By The City of St. Petersburg)

Educational, Entrepreneurial and Enrichment Programs (Males Only)

The City of St. Petersburg moves forward with efforts to invest in South St. Petersburg, the commitment to our youth expands to include the Cohort of Champions Initiative, a unique training opportunity for 100 African American boys and young men, ages 12 to 24, over the next year. The Cohort of Champions Training Initiative is Mayor Rick Kriseman next step in preparing our African American boys and young men for the future, designed to help develop a trained, qualified and ready workforce.


Under the My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper umbrella of programs, the Cohort of Champions training initiative will provide tangible investments in our youth over the next year. The goal of the Cohort is to develop character, support education, provide hands-on experience and workforce readiness training as well as wrap-around support services. The Cohort of Champions consists of seven programs within three areas of training and enrichment: Educational Training includes a combination of After School Employment Training and/or Second Chances programs with Post-Secondary Education opportunities;


Entrepreneurial Training involves Career Readiness Training and Entrepreneurship Training; Enrichment Initiatives / Second Chances programs will offer wrap around services and workshops for the families of all members of the inaugural cohort, as well as Sports Team Building, a focus on healthy eating and cooking, Role Modeling and Mentoring Round-up activities.


Power Networking Workshops With Local and National Business Leaders

Isaiah Harris

Age: 13

Grade: 8th


The Cohort of Champions has given me an opportunity to make myself a better man and help someone like me in society. Mr. Murphy has brought in empowered black businessmen to talk about heir lives. Their stories have given me the courage to pass those obstacles in life and reach my goals. Being in this group has put me around boys my age, and I feel like it is a good thing about the Cohort. I feel like the group is opening doors of success and is paving the way for me. I want to be an entrepreneur and an author.

Darius Bailey

Age: 16

Grade: 11th


The Cohort of Champions program has given me a lot. I haven’t gotten anything material only things for self-improvement. The Cohort also made me realize my life goal of being a CEO of a technology corporation. Most of all the Cohort of Champions gave me motivation. The Cohort benefited me by helping realize what I must do in life. I t made me help around the house more and made me respect my mother more.

Kashif Haynes

Age: 13

Grade: 9th


Kashif is an aspiring veterinarian. He started an internship at Pet Pal Vet Clinic and Animal Shelter. We would like to thank Executive Director Scott Daly for supporting the Cohort of Champions Student Internship Program.

If you would like to host a student as an intern or job shadowing opportunity, please contact our office.

For more information to get involved as a student, professional guest speaker, or mentor, please complete the form.

Student Spotlight - Cohort of Champions

"Thanks for having such an amazing program for our son."

~ Mrs. Davis

Mother of Jayesh

"I feel it's a great program for the boys and families. It has a lot to offer."

~ Ms. Harris

Mother of Isaiah and Issac


"He enjoys the interaction with other young men along with the speakers... Great program."

~ Ms. Wertz

Mother of Khalil


"Najee has a very good attitude since attending. Information has been great."

~ Lizzie Brooks

Mother of Najee


"Darius has shown a higher level of responsibility...I appreciate the guest speakers who demonstrate attainable levels of success for the men vs. rappers & sports players"

~ Mrs. Bello

Mother of Darius


"Excellent program. We need more programs for our youth. Being a mother of a teen, I wasn't fully ready. Learning from other parents gives me valuable information to become a better parent."

~ Ms. Beckley

Mother of Michael

Parents' Voice

Commitment To Happiness and Success

For My Child


  • I will give my best to bring about a radical change in my child’s life.

  • I will give my best to maintain a positive mental attitude even when my child’s behavior may be difficult.

  • I will give my deliberate attention, thoughts, and consideration to achieving my child’s goals.

  • I will celebrate and praise my child’s best efforts even if sometimes he makes mistakes or falls short of his best.

  • I will honor, love, and respect my child even though sometimes we may disagree.

  • I will not allow anything to distract or interfere with my commitment to supporting my child’s happiness and success.

  • I will always support my child’s pursuit of his happiness, dreams, and success.

Mr. Sowell is Port Tampa Bay’s Director of Special Projects, directly advising President and CEO Paul Anderson and the executive team with management oversight. In his capacity, he serves as a liaison for the Port on business, government and real estate matters. Jamal works closely with local, state and federal leaders to represent Port Tampa Bay. He served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Special Assistant to the President of the University of Florida (UF) and Assistant Corporate Secretary to the UF Board of Trustees, and the first vice president of the Alachua County branch of the NAACP.


Jamal received his bachelors from UF while serving as the UF Student Body President, University Trustee and was selected for the UF Hall of Fame. He also obtained a master’s degree in higher education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, while working at Amherst College. He graduated with a doctor of jurisprudence as a Pat Tillman scholar from Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law. In law school, Jamal was an editor for the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy Symposium, National Vice Chairman of the National Black Law Students Association, and worked in Israel for the Israel Law Center. Jamal is a 6th generation Floridian and proud monthly donor to his parents’ alma mater, Florida A&M University. 

Jamal A. Sowell

Director of Special Projects

to the President & Chief Executive Officer


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