Professional training for beginners and advanced level dancers in Ballet, Tap, Modern, and Hip Hop Dance Styles. Our studio emphasizes the following: (a) Classical technique, (b) American vernacular dance form emphasizing its roots  in African and Latin Culture rhythms, as well as contemporary technique, (c ) principles of different modern dance styles, dynamics and alignment through floorwork, locomotor patterns, improvisation and movement combinations, and (d) principles of hip hop dance technique, exploring culture and music of hip hop and other related styles of dance, such as locking and popping. 

Professional coaching for beginners and advanced level vocalists. Our classes focus the following: Vocal Technique (i.e. How to make your voice sound more powerful, how to use technique to expand your range and expression, how to become more confident in vocal performances). Through guided study using video demonstrations, and hundreds of recorded examples, the course explores how to sing with more freedom, sing simple harmonies, have better breath control, and understand how to take care of your voice.  It is a great experience in advancing our vocal students’ craft. The Chorus/Ensemble studio is designed for students who have an interests to collaborate with other vocalists and share their vocal talents in an organized / formal presentation. Emphasis will be placed on choral development, stylistic understanding, and performance technique. Repertoire includes pop tunes, gospel, and world-folk compositions. 

Professional training in stage audio and lighting. Students are exposed to the basics concepts, technical information and practical application of audio and stage lighting. Additionally, students get hands-on experience in hair, makeup, and stagecraft (i.e. scenery development, painting, and special sound and lighting).

  Acting/Drama/Spoken Word 
 Vocal Training, Ensemble and Chorus   
  Production Design and Tech  

Professional training for both beginners and advance acting students. The students explore the craft of acting in a conservatory approach that involves exercises, scene work, and theatre games designed to develop performance skills and technique. Students develop a basic understanding of audition process through preparation of audition monologues, provide resources on choosing strong material and develop audition technique. The course surveys dramatic literature (modern and classical plays), in addition to original scripts. Spoken Word training in processing and writing in a poetic form experiences. In addition, students are trained on conveying effectively their creative writings in a spoken word style. Students learn the technique of creative/poetic writing. Each student’s work is critiqued and showcased bi-weekly. Students have an opportunity to perform their pieces quarterly in productions / events produced by ACT. 

Teens Empowered Today: Raising NOW Leaders through the Arts for a Better Workforce!


Arts Conservatory for Teens’ (A.C.T.) Teens Empowered Today focuses on two critical areas of youth development: (a) Art of Leadership and (b) Art of Health of Living. Monthly symposiums are facilitated for youths and teens of ACT in collaboration with local business leaders and health industry professionals.


Art of Leadership creatively engages youths and teens with local and global business leaders. The purpose is to educate each student on how to discover the leader in them now; empowering each of the students to become NOW Leaders, and to enrich their lives by building bridges to opportunities that exists in their backyards as well as globally in an effort to prepare teens for the workforce.


Art of Healthy Living creatively engages youths and teens to embrace various forums of health literacy. The Art of Healthy Living is a holistic approach to human development that exposes students to healthy practices as a young person (mind, body, aesthetics and spirit). Students connect with professionals through workshops and seminars on topics of nutrition, bodybuilding, intellectual forums, and yoga classes that support the mind, body, aesthetics and spiritual enlightenment. 

 Teens Empowered Today 


Young Artist Alliance (YAA) provides advance training for students of the Arts Conservatory for Teens.  YAA was developed to provide an opportunity and environment for advanced level students in the performing and visual arts to network with and learn from industry professionals in entertainment, business, education and health. Students meet once each week for master class training sessions, collaborative projects, and discussions with community leaders. 


Innovative Joint Arts and Career-Prep Programs: YAA creates and provides innovative joint arts and career-prep opportunities for its student participants through its Bridge Initiative with colleges, universities, and professional schools locally, nationally, and abroad.


Professional Network of Excellence: YAA strategically connects industry professionals in the world of entertainment, business, education and health to its students. The purpose to ensure that the students have a 360 learning and training experience.


A Platform for Global Performance and Training: YAA provides a platform for students to receive training both domestically and internationally through its global network and scholarships. An Environment for the Highest Level of Success in the Performing and Visual Arts: YAA challenges its highest level of performers and visual artists to increase skills by constructive reviews and critiques conducted and facilitated by professionals and peers.


Unique Peer and Professional Collaborative: YAA develops annual projects and retreats for students to collaborate with local and national professionals. Collaborative projects may include social awareness projects through the arts, such as short-films,

music videos, exhibits, forums, and other innovative collaborative for our student professionals. 

 Young Artists Alliance 

SunTrust Bank Foundation supports ACT's B.A.N.K financial literacy program. ACT was awarded a mini-grant to pilot B.A.N.K. (Banking As Necessary Knowledge) a 10-week program designed to expose youth and teens to prudent financial literacy (FL) concepts and practices. BANK will serve 15 middle and high school students. Each student must commit a total of 4 hours per week for both in-class workshops and preparation for a total of 40 engagement hours per student.


BANK utilizes a conservative approach to FL that provides access to the knowledge base to build a lifetime of personal financial well-being and success. The core concepts and design consist in understanding money, savings, spending, investing, and learning experiences with a SunTrust banking professional. Parent participation is mandatory for three of the ten sessions to support the student.


“The SunTrust Foundation is committed to helping people start along their path to financial confidence, and we’re proud to support ACT’s BANK program to help our future generations reach their fullest potential.”

David Fuller


SunTrust Foundation


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