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Raising NOW Leaders through the Arts for a Better Workforce


TET utilizes a comprehensive strategy designed to impact the behavior and lives of ‘at-risk’ and ‘high-risk’ students with diverse interactive workshops and roundtable discussions to develop self-efficacy. TET collaborates with community advocates, educators, business, and health industry professionals to provide engaging and effective modalities for middle and high school students.


The Purpose of Teens Empowered Today: (a) ensure teens have equal access to affordable, attractive and quality afterschool programs; and (b) provide education and leadership mentoring to teens over a course of 12 months through a series of: education and tutoring support activities, weekly 60-minute interactive workshops: Yoga, nutrition seminars and introduction to shopping outside the “Food Desert” by facilitating fieldtrips to food markets with ACT’s nutritional coach, guest speakers (HIV awareness advocates, local police officers, physicians, health dept. representative, etc.) Teen Empowered Today culminates with an event that is produced by teen ambassadors and peer participants.


TET focuses on six critical areas of youth development: (1) Art of Education Success (2) Art of Citizenship and Leadership; (3) Art of Healthy Living; (4) Art of Entrepreneurialism and Workforce Development; (5) Art of Money Management; and (6) Art of Cultural Enrichment. Weekly workshops and symposiums are facilitated for youths and teens.


Art of Education Success creatively engages youth and teens to rediscover the passion for learning and garner effective learning strategies. Many students arrive challenged by poor academic performance, cognitive deficiencies, and adverse behaviors. ACT assessment, tools, and workshops provide a platform for students to develop confidence and skills to accelerate their academic achievements. 


Art of Citizenship and Leadership creatively engage youths and teens with local and global business leaders. The purpose is to educate each student on how to discover the leader in them now; empowering students to become NOW Leaders, and to enrich their lives by building bridges to opportunities that exist in their backyards as well as globally in an effort to prepare teens for the workforce.


Art of Healthy Living creatively engages youths and teens to embrace various forms of health literacy. The Art of Healthy Living is a holistic approach to human development that exposes students to healthy practices as a young person (mind, body, aesthetics, and spirit). Students connect with professionals through workshops and seminars on topics of nutrition, bodybuilding, intellectual forums, and yoga classes that support the mind, body, aesthetics and spiritual enlightenment.


Art of Entrepreneurialism and Workforce Development creatively engages youth and teens in exploring career development and entrepreneurialism. Students learn the educational requirements for a variety of business industries through presentations from local and regional professionals and entrepreneurs. Students are encouraged to identify professional interest and are placed in jobs and internships based on their interests throughout the community. Students learn how to write a business plan and incubate their own micro-businesses.


Art of Money Management engages youths and teens to embrace the fundamental concepts of money management and to deploy them in their daily lives. Students connect with financial professionals through workshops and seminars on topics on money management (e.g. ‘Wants vs. Needs’, budgeting, savings, investment basics, cost-benefit analysis, etc.).  The Art of Money Management empowers students to become financial literate often breaking the disparity gap, as well as, enrich their lives by understanding the concepts and opportunities to stay out of poverty and become a competent member of the workforce.


Art of Cultural Enrichment creatively provides youth and teens to access and exposure to cultural enrichment activities through fieldtrips, speakers, concerts, performances, and exhibitions. Students are scholarship into ACT’s Arts Magnet Program (AMP) where they can enroll in drama/acting, dance (modern, hip hop, tap), vocal ensemble/songwriting and recording, photography, cinematography/video production, visual arts (painting, sculpting, drawing, crafts, etc.), gaming (art of the game: integration of the court and computer coding). Students


TET is based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. The theory highlights the different processes of a child learning by exploring learning modalities that the learner finds interesting and natural to her / his learning style. According to the Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, when a student is interested and can relate, the student is then motivated, which is empowering to the students learning experience.


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