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Teen Arts Culture and Career Festival October 2014 @ USFSP

Teen Arts Culture and Career Festival October 2014 @ USFSP

The Need for A Quality Comprehensive Arts Program

Reduce High School Dropout Rate

Reduce At-Risk Behaviors

Reduce Juvenile Delinquency

Increase College Placement

Students’ Profile (Demographics)

Age: 11years to 18years

70% Lower income families

30% Middle-income families

80% African-American

10% Caucasian

10% Other Ethnicities

Current Activities

Weekly Arts & Life Skills Workshops

Themed Stage Productions

Art of Healthy Living

Community Performance & Events

Teen Arts Culture and Career Festival


The Art, That Inspires You


Increase High School Graduation and College Placement

Inspire Teens, Families, and The Community Through The Arts

Preserve and Promote The Artistic and Cultural Heritage

Encourage Leadership

Provide Educational Support

Teen Arts Culture and Career Festival October 2014 @ USFSP

  • It’s Community-Based 

  • Inclusive

  • A Unique Approach to Youth and Teens Development through the Arts

  • Clear & Measurable Impact

  • Great Leadership

  • Friendly Staff

  • Committed to Youth Education

  • Empowerment, and Enrichment

  • Great Community Partner  

~ACT Supporters

  • It’s A Safe Place

  • Builds Confidence 

  • Offers Scholarships

  • Supports My Child’s Aspiration

  • Offers Academic Support/Tutoring 

  • Create An Opportunity To Bond With My Child

  • Friendly Staff

~ACT Parents

  • It's Fun 

  • Just For Me 

  • I Make New Friends 

  • I Create My Own Ideas

  • I Love Performing In The Big Shows

  • We Take Free Trips To Concerts and Plays

  • We Meet Famous People,

  • Dance, Act, Sing, Video Production, Music Recording "Make Your Own Beats,"Photography, Drawing, Painting, and More!

~ACT Teens

What Inspires ACT


What Inspires ACT


What Inspires ACT

Youth & Teens


Monday-Friday 9:00am-8:00pm

Saturday-Sunday Closed Except for Performances and Events

ACT | P.O. Box 35424 | St. Petersburg FL 33705 | |Tel: 727-346-8223

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A Registered Florida 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization with full compliance requirements of Chapter 496, Florida Statutes, the Solicitation of Contributions Act © 2014 by Act Conservatory for Teens is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Intouch With Communities Around The World, Inc.

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ACT Diversity Statement:

The ACT organization shall not discriminate because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information or other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Enoch Davis Center

1111 18th Avenue South

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